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Happy 4th (in context)!!

Hello Everyone!

My soul is full today as I was able to hug, hold hands, and be cheek to cheek with FAMILY!! By God's grace, my family did not get ravaged by COVID. My paternal grandmother contracted COVID at the ripe age of 100 years old and survived (she's now 101)! This feat is, in part, because we sacrificed in-person gatherings for almost 3 years and our bi-annual family reunion didn't convene for 5 years! This is a picture we took towards the end of time, so a few of us had already left. Yesterday's gathering was also only one branch of my paternal grandmother's line instead the usual three branches.

Two days ago, I sent out an email- "What's New on Kidogo.TV!" -I highlighted how we should celebrate July 4th, but also acknowledge a fuller context-- who received freedom in 1776 and who did not. A few minutes ago, I realized I failed to acknowledge the land and the people upon which the United States of America was built. Here is a map of native tribes who were removed violently from their homes and land to make way for the 13 colonies. Talk about context! (Long sigh).

Children should learn the name(s) of the tribe(s) that originally inhabited the land upon they now live. My daughter lives on Nipmuc land. What land do you live on?

While we celebrate the independence of America, let us send up a firework in the name of Juneteenth and to the First People!

For the Kids, for the Culture,


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