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Landing the Plane and Other Wonderful Happenings

Grateful Greetings Friends and Family!

I hope that this message finds all of you full of Thanksgiving leftovers and everlasting gratitude! Let me catch you up on what's happening with Kidogo Productions (

  1. Interview of Kymberly Stewart

  2. Breshna and Other Power Meetings

  3. Landing the Plane

  4. MY ASK

  1. Interview of Kymberly Stewart

As promised, I recently interviewed Kymberly Stewart of Kymberly Stewart Music. But before I get into that, let's extend a warm congrats to her and her colleagues whose album, "All One Tribe: Family Music Collective" received a Grammy nomination for Best Children's Album of the Year! Take a listen! It's pretty awesome :-) Kymberly's song, "Beautiful Brown Babies" is heartwarming and beautiful.

I am starting a series of interviews focused on content creators whose work appears on Kymberly was my first interviewee and she was a great choice! Kymberly and I had a natural conversation about one of our mutual passions: making sure our beautiful Brown and Black babies are affirmed and loved. Kymberly is very clear on her mission. She wants to normalize Blackness in children's entertainment. Sweeeeeet :-).

Kymberly made a video, "Same/Different" just for our Kidogo Kids! Find it on's Activities page. Through song, this video demonstrates an important preschool concept of being able to recognize whether objects are the same or different. With the video, you'll also find interactive activities about the same concept.

My next interview will be of Cathleen Jenkins, the author of "Introducing the Shapes Family" very soon! Until then, buy the book!

2. Breshna and Other Power Meetings

Much thanks to Bill Hughes of Education Design Lab! He introduced me to Mariam Nusrat of Breshna, a fast-growing tech startup, which empowers people to create their own video games with no code at lightning speed. Mariam has a beautiful soul and I believe we are a blessing to each other. She encouraged me to start a twitter account to tweet my progress. Here is my first tweet:

Find Amara's game and two others games I created on (Activities page)! Let me know what you think!

In addition to Mariam, I have been a bit bold this month, reaching out to industry leaders, other entrepreneurs, and experts, all who gave their time to mentor and advise me along this path. Bill Hughes affirmed my mission and encouraged me to go after grants. Najah Wallace of Entegris gave me practical marketing tips. DeVron Warner of Harmonix helped me begin to map out a vision for gamified learning. Alex Smart of MuKn guided me as I thought out loud through next steps. Isis-Rae Goulbourne of Deuit reviewed's site (I have sooooooo much work to do, lol!). Nikiki Bogle, Esq. of Bogle & Chang, LLC reminded me (again) of my power and destiny (she is now on my advisory board!). Shironda White of Cupcake Therapy and CauseEDU is hatching a plan for Kidogo to catch the eye of a certain celebrity (hmmm!). I am incredibly humbled and thankful for each one of them.

3. Landing the Plane


The above list of people with whom I met in November also includes my Black Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership p