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Before we look back at 2023, let's stay present and mark the last day of Kwanzaa!! Kidogo Kids, Amara, Zoë, Alan, Micah, and Chetanna did a fabulous job teaching us about the 7 Kwanzaa principles. Here's compilation of their lessons:


Here's a list of the highlights:

-Black History Month Celebration Weekend at the Museum of Science Boston- February

-MassChallenge Resolve event: MassChallenge Community Choice Award- February

-Black Children's Book Week- 2 events" Read N' Game and Storytime at the Museum of Science Boston- February

-Joined Ujima Good Business Alliance-March

-Completed Black and Latinx Media Mastery- March

-TEDxRoxbury talk- May

-Juneteenth- June

-BAMS Fest- June

-Read N' Win: Summer Reading Marathon July- August (two author events)

-WOCCON Roadshow- July

-Read N' Do- August

-Received Pipeline Angels investment- August

-Participated in Breshnaverse

-Released "The Wiz"-Inspired Halloween coloring sheets

-Expanding the Kidogo Team- December

-Kwanzaa Video Series- December

Here's a video review of the list above!

I am certainly proud of all that Kidogo accomplished! We continue to climb, rung by rung, step by step. This journey is not for the swift, but for those who endure.

I also take this moment to reflect on the challenges. For instance, I pitched Kidogo to dozens of potential investors (outside of Pipeline Angels :-)) without any bites. I have attempted to build an active discussion community and then lacked the capacity to nurture it. I wished that more people attended our events. These challenges bring about opportunities for learning, growing, and making progress. I give myself permission to be disappointed, but then to extend myself (and others) GRACE.


We are working on a few fantastic events: Black History Month celebration at the Museum of Science Boston, a musical tour and workshop of the African Diaspora, a couple of other Read N' Dos.... We are also ramping up our content production. We finally found a great animation studio!! Kidogo's tech team will launch into building our app! It will begin with customer discovery interviews, so please expect a call or an email inviting you to share your ideas, opinions, and needs with us.

I have been accepted into an awesome fellowship, but there's a gag order until they announce it. I am stoked about this opportunity and my apologies for this mysterious and vague announcement.

I don't have anything poignant or powerful to say at the moment. I am simply in a grateful mood. I am thankful for all of you. My heart is full of love, excitement, and a tiiiiiny bit of anxiety (hey! I've always been honest with you guys, lol!).

For the Kids, for the Culture,


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