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We are a growing community of parents, educators, community organizations, professional caregivers, and content creators, all coming together to find the best videos, interactive activities, and live material that center the brains, talents, skills, faces, voices and cultures of the African Diaspora. Join us on our mission!


“The Juneteenth Pops and Paint packages from Kidogo were a hit! Kids were engaged and the activity was appropriate - actually perfect-for the celebration. This is definitely a must do for any children’s party amazing.!
Thanks Kidogo for making our event so memorable and enjoyable!”

— Marcia Kimm-Jackson, Founder and Director of the West Fairmount Hill Community Group


"Our videos are available on I want you guys to go there. I am so thankful to [Kidogo] for creating this platform! If [I am] going to be productive, I need to know that [my daughter is] safe and she’s watching something that is entertaining for her."

— Sonjoria Sydnor, Founder and CEO of Our Family's Doing Yoga

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Simply put, the content provided and programs held by Kidogo are incredible! As both a teacher and a mom, I am always looking for books, programming and content that affirms the children of color that I teach, and my children at home. Kidogo hits the mark AND some! My daughter can't get enough of the people teaching, singing, reading, and dancing that she sees with Kidogo. It's a one stop shop for her to see people who reflect who she is while radiating positivity and growing her brain. I am excited to see Kidogo continue its growth and increase its impact so that children worldwide can experience all the love and learning Kidogo has to offer. 

— Kara Kelly, Teacher and Mother of two young children

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“As a mother of two daughters, I am always looking for content that reflects the beauty, strength, and brilliance of Black culture. I love that Kidogo provides a place where my daughters can find programming and activities that feature folks who look like them”

— Maria Wusu, General Practitioner and Mother of two young children

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