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Vides by Creator

PLEASE NOTE: The videos you see on this site are embedded from YouTube, a video sharing site. The videos, which Kidogo curates do not belong to Kidogo and we make no ownership or license claim to them beyond the permission granted by the video's owner (either expressly or by YouTube's Terms of Service). When you view a video on this site, the creator's analytics will reflect that, and any compensation arrangement creators have with YouTube remains undisrupted.


The videos are personally curated by the Founder. She handpicks each video or channel based on rigorous criteria. Curation takes time, thought, and effort. Your support of this labor is much appreciated.  


In addition to supporting Kidogo, we also encourage you to go to your favorite creator's YouTube channel, like, subscribe, comment, and continue to share their videos with others! Kidogo honors content creators and their hard work! 

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