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A Full, Fun, February!

Hello Kidogo Community!

I hope this post finds you well and energized. For Kidogo, 2023 is off to a fast and rewarding start.

Here's a recap:

The Museum of Science, Boston celebrated Black History during the coldest weekend of the season in Boston to date (February 4-5, 2023). THRONGS of people made the chilly trek to museum anyhow. Kidogo, along with other organizations set up tables in the Blue Wing and family after family visited Kidogo's table. It was "hoppin'" (museum's description). We had coloring pages, word searches, and games like BINGO and tic tac toe all created to highlight the contributions of Black people in STEM-- Alan Emtage, the great-great grandfather of Google, Dr. Nola Hylton, who helped develop the MRI, and Katherine Johnson, NASA's human computer, were just a few of the names families learned (children and their parents were fully engaged!).

Photo Credit: Ashley McCabe, Museum of Science, Boston

Photo Credit: Ashley McCabe, Museum of Science, Boston

MassChallenge's RESOLVE event on February 16th was amazing! As I mentioned in my last blog, this event was the culmination of the accelerator. Hearing the name of my company and being welcomed to the stage to receive the Community Choice Award was thrilling! The night before, I was one of four founders invited by MassChallenge to a scrumptious dinner. Earlier that day of RESOLVE-eve, I happened to get great news: Pipeline Angels had decided to invest a minimum of $25,000 in Kidogo! Let's just say I was on cloud nine!

This past weekend was another phenomenal couple of days. In celebration of Black Children's Book Week, we planned two events. The first was a Read N' Game on February 25th-- 15 kids were enthralled while they listened to Aunt Kay's "The Shapes Family", learned how to create a video game on, and then created their own video games! These kids were brilliant and impressive. So proud of them!

The very next day, we were at the Museum of Science, Boston for storytime (same auther, same book), science time, and adventure time. The audience leaned in while listening, participated enthusiastically, and crowded the stage afterward to go hunting for different shapes around the museum. Kidogo is beaming with pride these days :-)

What's Next?

2023 will be pivotal. Goals: Raise more funding. Create and find more content. Build a solid team. Build the gaming and streaming app. Continue to build community. Easy-peasy.....

Of course, none of these goals are easy, but each goal is incredibly important and vital to Kidogo's growth. Are you ready to meet me at the intersection of passion, mission, and profit?

Then let's get to work!

For the kids, for the Culture,


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